Selling your property with us

If you are considering selling your property within your desired time frame and at the best possible price in the current market please have look at our comprehensive 3 point approach:

The Presentation

One of the essential steps in order to maximise the selling potential of your property is its presentation. This is both the responsibility of you as the owner as well as the agent who represents you.

As for the agent this means to present the property by means of high quality photos as well as all accurate info to potential buyers.

As for the owner this means to make sure that when a potential buyer is viewing the property it is in immaculate order. A few specific useful tips on this:

  • Clean thoroughly throughout with special attention to kitchen and the bathrooms
  • Open all curtains and turn on the lights on a cloudy day
  • Clear the living areas as much as possible to maximise the space you have
  • Try to keep your pet/s out of the way (we love animals) but they can distract the potential buyer
  • Create a nice atmosphere, some light background music and a pleasant scent can do wonders.
  • Leave the property for a few moments when the viewing is taking place if possible. Potential buyers will be more rela
  • Trustworthy advice based on our knowledge of the local market as well as its rules & regulations
  • A collaboration based upon turst, respect and integrity

The Marketing

This aspect is the sole responsibility of the agent. We start with a set of high quality photos of the property. These are uploaded onto our extensive database as well as our website and portal websites to approach both a domestic and international buying public.

In our experience the placement of a for sale sign will produce a surprising amount of high quality leads as well.

Finally, organising an open house could also be an interesting option to showcase your home to public of potential buyers as well as agents.

Most importantly, the vendor is being kept informed and up to date throughout the campaign on all actions taken in marketing the property.

  • High quality photo presentation
  • Infocasa database
  • Agent website
  • Portal websites (ex. 1, 2 etc)
  • Sale sign
  • Open House

The Price

Arguably the most important factor in selling your property is the price. Unfortunately neither you as the vendor or the agent representing you have any real influence on the price a potential buyer will pay for your property. We can help marginally by a good presentation but in the end the market dictates at which price a property will sell.

It is therefore imperative to understand the local market and its trends so a price is set which is low enough to entice potential buyers to view the property but high enough to allow some room to negotiate and ensure you as a vendor are happy with your net figure.

We can help and advise you to set a competitive price for your property in the current market A last important remark would be to avoid mentioning net prices as it may lead to confusion with different agents adding varying commissions on top of your net price.

  • The market sets the sales price
  • We can help and advise on setting a competitive asking price, for example by providing you with a comprehensive Market Analysis report
  • All potential buyers will want to make an offer
  • Never quote net figures



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